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Amidst the azure waters and radiant sun of the French Riviera, Antibes emerges as a juxtaposition of historical charm and modern luxury. Echoing this sentiment is Just Provisions, the unparalleled wine wholesaler and distributor in Antibes. Our fervent dedication to the art of winemaking has led us to establish invaluable alliances with illustrious vineyards and masterful winemakers from the world’s most revered wine locales.

Each bottle in our curated collection encapsulates a story—a tale of soil, grape, and craftsmanship, handpicked to resonate with Antibes’ unique coastal allure. From the vibrant markets of Vieil Antibes to the luxurious villas dotting Cap d’Antibes, our wines serve as the unseen thread weaving together moments of culinary delight and celebration.

What elevates Just Provisions in the vibrant landscape of Antibes is not merely our exquisite wine selection, but our intrinsic understanding of the town’s heartbeat. We’re attuned to its maritime heritage, the rhythms of its bustling ports, and the sophistication of its esteemed residents and visitors. This deep connection empowers us to deliver a service that is timely, tailored, and imbued with Mediterranean elegance.

Let Just Provisions be your beacon in the vast world of wines, guiding you to vintages and varietals that sing in harmony with the spirit of Antibes. In partnering with us, you’re not only selecting exceptional wines but also embracing an experience deeply rooted in the Riviera’s rich tapestry of culture and luxury.