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Le Planellet & Les Pettoreaux

In the pristine embrace of the French Alps, Megève stands as a timeless blend of alpine charm and luxury. Complementing this unique blend is Just Provisions, Megève’s premier wine wholesaler and distributor. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we’ve woven a tapestry of partnerships with iconic vineyards and legendary vintners from the world’s most celebrated wine regions.

Our curated collection is a tribute to the heritage, craftsmanship, and passion that defines the world of winemaking. Each bottle, hand-selected by our team, is designed to harmonize with Megève’s distinct alpine allure, catering to the refined palates of both locals and international visitors alike. Whether it’s a cozy chalet dinner, a sophisticated hotel banquet, or an après-ski gathering, our wines effortlessly elevate the ambiance.

At the heart of Just Provisions’ success in Megève is our profound connection to the locale’s spirit and rhythms. We understand the nuances of its seasons, the intricacies of its traditions, and the aspirations of its residents and guests. This intimate knowledge allows us to offer an unparalleled service experience, characterized by authenticity, reliability, and a touch of alpine elegance.

As you immerse yourself in the enchanting world of wines, allow Just Provisions to be your trusted guide, bringing you closer to vineyard stories from across the globe, right here in the snowy haven of Megève. In choosing us, you choose an unparalleled journey through the world of wines, matched only by the breathtaking beauty of the Alps.