Serving Crew


We know that a pleased crew provides the standard of service our industry demands. We help you meet this goal by sourcing the products you need: the highest quality for the most competitive price.

Our offering reflects the specialist demands of our industry. We bring galley crew an extensive range of ingredients, tried and tested, true to season and to suit your location. Our meat and fish is vacuum-packed and blast frozen, clearly labelled for ease of storage and preparation. Our fruit and veg are the freshest available, improving shelf-life and taking the stress out of longer trips.

For the interior, we also provide home essentials: cleaning products, toiletries and an enviable dry store with all your favourite sweets and biscuits. Our commitment to fair pricing protects your budget. Strong relationships with our international suppliers help keep our offering on the money.

Crew Services

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We often hear that using crew to “shop” for supplies represents better value for owners. We encourage clients to look at all the costs.
We source all our fresh products from local suppliers. These are the same suppliers that we rely on during the high season to produce faultless guest & crew quality produce. They welcome our business through the winter and are more inclined to prioritise our customers when choices need to be made.
We have been working with clients to build standard lists of products that are regularly reordered. This includes items such as cleaning products and toiletries, where prices can be reduced through stock holding and we can deliver on a rolling basis that suits our clients.

More Services

We are passionate about sourcing and supplying the best possible produce. No matter where you are, the Just Provisions catalogue includes an exquisite range of items and ingredients from suppliers we know and trust.




Wine & Spirits Consultancy

We have extensive experience in the wine trade and we can help you. We can assist with your cellar review. Send us your current cellar stock list and we will suggest completing it to have a balanced offer for your guests. If you need to start from scratch we can assist in building your wine or bar list to have all the essentials and the little gems that will impress your guests.

worldwide yacht provisioning


We have extensive experience in exporting food worldwide. From our hubs in Paris, London or Amsterdam we ship fresh produce, dry store and wine cellar with no limit on quantity.