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Provisioning a Yacht

Environmental Policy

We are committed to achieving a benchmark level of sustainability throughout our operations. We prioritise the use of reusable and recyclable materials such as compostable bioplastics and all of our cleaning products are sea-safe. We are always looking for ways to reduce the carbon impact and mileage of our supply chains. Our commitment to building lasting connections and using local sourcing wherever possible helps us achieve this.

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Using Just Provisions

At Just Provisions, we have been building our core business on data from day one. The information we glean helps us serve you better. We can accurately calculate the weight and volume of an order to show the number of pallets you will receive. At the end of a season, we supply a summary of your consumption to help you understand your pattern and plan next year’s budget effectively.

What We Do

At Just Provisions we look to nurture long-term relationships. We take pride in delivering all the essential items to ensure the efficient running of your department. On top of this, we are experts in obtaining high-profile items that are difficult to source. You can lean on us to get the job done, whatever the weather. Our attention to detail ensures no request is too small or insignificant. Our goal is always to exceed customers’ expectations, and we do so time and again.