Maldives Yacht Provisioning

Maldives Yacht Provisions

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The Maldives are some of the most impressive islands to visit by yacht, but the infrastructure is missing. With only a few marinas, including some in construction staying in the Maldives is a challenge for superyachts, and provisioning is one of these challenges. The Crossroads superyacht marina is one of only some open to large vessels. Most of the provisioning by yachts is done at anchor, via tender just off the airports, where our team can deliver the finest products straight to your tender.

Formalities: We are already registered with the National Biosecurity Agency. Before shipment, an import application must be made for each category of meat individually (pork, poultry etc), for fish and F+V. The NBA will then tell us what items cannot be imported. Usually, 3-4 days to receive the permits. We can then relay the restrictions to suppliers, confirm the orders and obtain the veterinary/Phyto certificates and book the air freight. Invoices with Country of Origin and packing list. To be shipped with health and Phyto certs as well as the permits

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