Hamashi Yellowtail Yacht Delivery

Hamachi is a jack species also known as yellowtail or buri. It is an extremely popular fish in Japan and the United States. And hamachi is nearly always an aquaculture product. Hamachi grown in captivity is a fatty fish. It possesses a semi-soft consistency and a mild, slightly acidic flavour. It has no fishy odour, which is one reason for its popularity. Kanburi or winter yellowtail took in the wild, is likewise a fatty fish. However, less so than its farm-raised equivalent. Buri has a stronger texture and a robust umami flavour. Yellowtail captured in the wild that is of a smaller size, such as inada, is lean and has a hard texture. Numerous Japanese cuisines feature yellowtail. Many of them are served raw, particularly in sushi. Just Provisions offer a selection of Hamachi Yellowtail whole fish from 3 to 5 kg as well as fresh frozen fillets.