Gambero Rosso Yacht Delivery

At a depth of 700 meters, where powerful sea currents keep it clean, the Gambero Rosso prawn lives. It has a strong flavor with sweet and smokey overtones. Gambero Rosso females have a lengthy rostrum that reaches well beyond the hard sections of the carapace, on which they have 7/8 tiny teeth. Adult females can weigh up to 50 g, hence they are typically packaged in XXL and XL quantities. The average lifespan is 7 and a half years. Females are replete with eggs between May and September, as indicated by black patches on the head. The larger the eggs, the darker their markings. During this season, the fruit has a sweeter flavour and a good texture that does not fray when cut. Just Provision offers a selection of frozen Hoso XXL 1 kg, Carpaccio and Mazara Grains Sublime.