Greenland Yacht Provisioning

Greenland Yacht Provisions

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Upon Request


Kangerlussuaq Airport & Nuuk Airport


Air Greenland

Ports Serviced:

Kangerlussuaq & Nuuk

Yacht provisioning in Greenland can be a unique and challenging experience for sailors and adventurers. The country’s remote location and harsh climate make it difficult to obtain fresh provisions and supplies. Provisioning in Greenland often requires planning and preparation in advance, as many of the supplies must be brought in from far away. Fresh produce, dairy products, and meat are limited, but can be found in larger towns such as Nuuk, Sisimiut, and Ilulissat. Imported food items and luxury goods can be expensive, so it is recommended to bring necessary items from home or purchase them in nearby countries such as Iceland. It is also important to be mindful of the country’s strict food import regulations, as bringing in certain items such as fruits, vegetables, and meats from outside the country can pose a risk to the local ecosystem. Overall, yacht provisioning in Greenland requires careful consideration and advance planning, but can be a rewarding and unique experience for those up for the challenge.

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