Herbs Yacht Delivery

Are you looking for ways to add a lot of flavour to your foods without a lot of salt? Add fresh or dried herbs to your recipes instead! It’s also a low fat way of adding great flavour. Whether fresh or dried, adding herbs is an easy way to increase the aroma and flavour of any dish! Look out for these varieties next time you go grocery shopping.

Adding an impressive amount of flavours to a recipe, without adding salt or fat, herbs are a key part of the galley. Increasing the aroma and flavour of any dish, Just Provisions provides superyachts with the finest herbs:
– Basil
– Basil Opal
– Bay leaves
– Chervil
– Chives
– Coriander
– Dill 75 gram
– Lemon grass
– Lemonthyme
– Lovage
– Marjoram
– Mint
– Oregano
– Parsley curly
– Parsley Italian
– Potted Herbs
– Rosemary 75 gram
– Sage
– Savory
– Sea beans
– Sorrel
– Tarragon
– Thai basil
– Thyme