Tahiti Yacht Provisioning

Tahiti Yacht Provisions

Delivery Frequency:

5X per week


€5,45 p/kg


Fa’a’ā International Airport


Air France

Ports Serviced:


Tahiti is one of the most remote destinations on the yachting scene, with some of the world’s most secluded islands, heavenly beaches and impressive marine life. Any yachtsman should head at some point in Polynesia to enjoy the finest experiences at sea. Supplying a yacht in French Polynesia however, can be a serious challenge. Outside of local fish and some fruit and vegetables, the islands have very limited products on offer and most are overpriced due to the geographical localisation. Delivering large quantities of supplies for superyachts visiting the islands is part of the core business of Just Provisions, delivering the utmost quality products at the best price within the shortest delays. Whether you are looking for a quick in-between charter resupply or a large delivery for an entire season, our team can arrange it. The transit time for the cargo is approximately 23h passing by Los Angeles, and each pallet can take up to 275 kg.

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