Antarctica Yacht Provisioning


Antarctica Yacht Provisions

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Ushuaia Airport


LAN Airlines, TAM Linhas Aereas and Aerolineas Argentinas

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For those intrepid adventurers aiming to embark on the voyage of a lifetime to Antarctica, meticulous yacht provisioning is the key. Not only is the icy continent isolated but also devoid of any commercial facilities, making the process of provisioning extremely vital. Our professional team ensures that your yacht is supplied with high-quality, nutritious food and beverages that meet your personal dietary requirements and preferences. We stock essential safety gear, medical supplies, spare parts, and even luxuries like gourmet food and fine wine, as we understand that comfort is just as important as survival in such harsh conditions. Our focus is on sustainability and minimal environmental impact, so all provisions are packaged with eco-friendly materials. With “Just Provisions”, you can set sail towards Antarctica confident that every detail has been considered and taken care of, so you can focus solely on your polar exploration.

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