Peppers & Chilis Yacht Delivery

When Christopher Columbus discovered America, he encountered these chilis, which he named “peppers” due to their similar spicy flavour to European peppers. This is why chilis and peppers are commonly referred to as the same thing, even though they are not. The berries of plants belonging to the genus Piper contain piperine, a chemical that is associated with a biting sensation. Although peppers are frequently referred to as “hot” or “spicy,” chilies are even more intensely spicy. Our team provides superyachts with the finest selection of peppers & chilis:
Bell pepper green
Bell pepper orange
Bell pepper red
Bell pepper yellow
Cayenne Pepper: Red
Chilli: Birds eye: Green
Chilli: Birds eye: Red
Pepper carliston long
Pepper chili Aji Amarillo
Pepper chili green
Pepper chili Habanero
Pepper chili habanero red
Pepper chili habanero yellow
Pepper chili jalapeno green
Pepper chili jalapeno red
Pepper chili pimiento padron
Pepper chili red
Pepper chili red long fresno
Pepper chili thai green
Pepper chili thai red / bird eye chili red
Pepper chili yellow
Pepper Green Long Mild
Peppers: Green: Long