Deutz Yacht Delivery

Champagne Deutz is not as well-known in the United Kingdom as it is in France because the majority of production is consumed voraciously in France. They produce fine Champagne that is completely authentic in a style that is bone dry, elegant, and delicate. A Champagne that is clear and fresh, with a mouthfeel that is very precise, bubbles that are the size of pinheads, and a finely toasty finish. The color is a bright lemon yellow, and the bubbles are fine and persistent. The nice, refined, and classy aroma of fresh hazelnuts, and slivered almonds, as well as fresh peppermint notes, and mineral chalkiness at the point. Fair and open, with a good balance. Beautiful finesse, the bubbles are creamy and melted, and the character is forthright, with hints of gingerbread, brioche, and mocha, finished off with a mineral touch. The finish is direct, taut, and sapid all at the same time. To be served with an aperitif, as part of a cold buffet, or simply on its own!