Black Angus USA Yacht Delivery

Black Angus Beef is praised for its deep flavour, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and substantial marbling, and it has recently gained widespread recognition as some of the best beef on the market. A description of Angus beef has been included in the chain, quick service, and fast food restaurants’ burger menus due to the popularity of Black Angus meats in modern society. The tale of American Angus begins in the 70s—in this case, the 1870s—like many great tales do. The term “Angus” refers to a breed of cattle that originated in Scotland. Four Angus bulls were sent to the US in 1872 to aid in the establishment of a prosperous community of British ranchers in Kansas. A few years later, most of those ranchers had returned to their original locations, but those 4 robust bulls (and many of their progeny) were still there.