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Yacht Port Cartagena

Yacht Port Cartagena is a brand-new marina in the heart of a three-thousand-year-old city with significant cultural and scenic value. Moorings for almost any type of vessel, small or large, are available for purchase or rental, with finger pontoons for greater convenience and a safer berth, as well as special moorings for mega yachts. It is probably the safest marina in the Mediterranean Sea, protected by surrounding hills and the La Curra and Navidad breakwaters, with unbeatable moorings and shelter. It is located approximately halfway between Gibraltar and Palma (Majorca, Balearic Islands) and is only 12 miles off the rhumb line. Yacht Port Cartagena is becoming the benchmark marina of the south-east peninsular, with two international airports nearby, Murcia – San Javier Airport and Alicante Airport, as well as an extensive network of highways and railways. Our provisioners deliver to the yachts in the area following their refits or ahead of a crossing to the Caribbean. Whether you are looking for a quick stock-up or a complete pre-season refill.

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