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Antibes Yacht Provisioning

Antibes Yacht Provisions

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Port Vauban & Golf Juan

Antibes is one of the most popular ports in France for large yachts, capable of accommodating multiple 100m+ superyachts as well as some of the largest yachts in the world. The port was the home berth of MY DILBAR for years, which owns one of the largest berths at the Antibes Yacht Club. The city revolves around the massive port that is home to a very fair share of the yachts in the South of France, with plenty of crew bars, suppliers and shipyards. Port Vauban’s prime location on the French Riviera, which combines history and modernity, makes it stand out. Port Vauban, located in Antibes, between Monaco and St. Tropez, and less than twenty minutes from France’s second-largest international airport, enchants yachtsmen and attracts international tourists. Port Vauban’s high-performance infrastructure makes it the ideal location for yachting and super yachting in the Mediterranean, with its 1,500 berths set within a secure and renowned architectural heritage.

Just Provisions being based in the South of France is ideally positioned to provide you with the utmost service in the regions and deliver the finest products straight to the aft of your yachts. With daily deliveries on the French Riviera, our team is capable of assisting any yachts with both pre-season provisionings or in-between charters re-supply.

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