Red Mullet Yacht Delivery

Red mullet, often known as “goatfish,” is a remarkable-looking fish due to its distinctive brilliant red skin. Red mullet can be found throughout the year in tropical and warm seas, especially in the Mediterranean. Between August and October is the optimum time to enjoy red mullet. During its spawning season, from May through July, red mullet should be avoided. Actually, the term “red mullet” refers to two closely similar species of fish: the common red mullet with pinkish flesh and the striped red mullet with racing stripes. Both species are genetically unrelated to the grey mullet. Red mullet is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, iron, and phosphorus, making it both nutritious and appetizing. For the finest flavour, it is essential to purchase the freshest red mullet available; the flesh should be firm. The eyes should be brilliant and clear, and the gills should be bright red. Just provisions offer a selection of whole fish up to 300 gr.