Lettuces Yacht Delivery

Most lettuce varieties are consumed fresh and are commonly used as a salad base. Depending on the variety, lettuce is a rich source of vitamins K and A. However, the nutritional value of lettuce varies. Our team provides the following lettuces:
– Asian mix
– Baby bulls blood
– Baby mesclun
– Baby mizuna green
– Baby red chard
– Baby rucola
– Baby Spinach
– Lamb’s ear -Mache
– Lettuce Batavia
– Lettuce boston
– Lettuce escarole
– Lettuce frisee yellow
– Lettuce iceberg
– Lettuce little gem
– Lettuce lollo bionda
– Lettuce lollo rosso
– Lettuce oakleaf green
– Lettuce oakleaf red
– Lettuce raddichio
– Lettuce romaine
– Mesclun
– Rocket
– Watercress